School Staff

Teaching Staff

HeadteacherMiss S Marriott
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Bretayne
Assistant HeadteacherMiss H Loake
Miss H Copas - Acting Assistant Head
Year 6Miss S Gray
Mrs G Palmer
Mrs M Wilson
Year 5Miss E Thomas
Miss J Rubens
Mrs R Ahmed
Year 4Mr N Mainwaring (Lower Key Stage 2 Leader)
Mrs S Young
Mrs D Patel
Year 3Mr G Williams
Mr J Ferriday
Mrs P Jeffreys
Year 2Miss H Munroe (Key Stage 1 Leader)
Miss A Khan
Miss H Sheldrake
Year 1Miss K Francis
Miss G Sapio
Mrs S Arnold
ReceptionMiss J Baker (Foundation Stage Leader)
Miss F Bikliqi
Miss A Sharpling
NurseryMrs F Heritage
Mrs B McKeon

Support Staff

Year 6Miss A Lundberg
Miss J Ede
Year 5Mrs S Halai
Miss H Irwin
Mrs M Joshi
Year 4Mrs M Yamine
Mrs S Halai
Mrs L Palmer
Mrs S Guinn
Mrs A Khan
Year 3Mrs N Naik
Mrs M Matteucci
Mrs M Carter
Year 2Mrs V Micunovic
Mrs C Mohan
Miss M Lawrie
Year 1Mrs K Patel
Miss S Abubarker
Mrs R Patel
ReceptionMiss J Diamond (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs B Cosgrave (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs M Lakab
Miss H Sparling

NurseryMrs B McKeon (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs C Shaw
Mrs A Marsh
Pastoral Lead Mrs L Bennett
Teaching SupportMrs N Allan
Counsellor Mrs M Maguire (Play Therapist)


Senior School Meal SupervisorMiss K Dring
School Meal SupervisorsMrs C Ellis (Play Leader)
Mrs C Shaw
Mrs S Guinn
Mrs N Mahida
Mrs K Gardiner
Mrs B Cosgrave
Mrs L Palmer
Mrs F Korchi
Mrs A Khan
Mrs V Patel
Ms C Pomells
Mrs A Mahmud
Mrs P Tedeschini
Ms S Amir
Mrs M Ahmed
Ms S Halai
Mrs V Micunovic
Miss S Abubarkar
Mrs S Hergaja
Mrs H Odeyemi(As and when)
Mrs Z Elhamrani (As and when)

The Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs S Bryden-Johnson (ASC Supervisor)Miss L Reyes (Deputy Supervisor )
Mrs A Marsh (Deputy Supervisor)Miss A Ljungdberg
(Deputy Supervisor)
Mrs M Iakab (Deputy Supervisor) Miss K Dring
Mrs C ShawMiss S Abubarkar
Mrs F KorchiMrs V Patel
Mrs S Guinn Mrs S Chudasama
Mrs S Hergaja Ms S Amir

Office Staff

Office ManagerMrs M Grace
Finance OfficerMrs L Terry
Finance AssistantMrs K Southgate
Attendance OfficerMiss J Gilbert
Admissions OfficerMrs S Ede
Welfare Officer/Admin AssistantMrs S Ellett
DPO/Receptionist/Admin AssistantMiss H Richardson

Site Staff

Mr C Batson (Manager)
Mr A Shaw


Main Office
Pinner Wood School
Latimer Gardens

Phone 020 8868 2468
Fax 020 8429 1629

School Status

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