Pupil Premium

All members of staff and governors at Pinner Wood accept responsibility for ‘socially disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within the school environment. We are committed to ‘Narrowing the Gap’ and the Pupil Premium funding is part of that process.

Provision will be made through facilitating access to education, the curriculum, and extra support and interventions.

Reporting Pupil Premium to Parents and Governors

It is the responsibility of the school to explain pupil premium expenditure to parents in the form of an annual statement. There is no set format for the report of pupil premium. Reports will be published annually on the school’s website.

This report will give information on how Pupil Premium has been used within school and the attainment and progress of pupils who are covered by the premium.

Reports will also detail progress made towards narrowing the gap through attainment and progress data. Reports on the progress of pupils supported by the Pupil Premium will be presented regularly to the Governing Body throughout the year.

The next review of the pupil premium strategy will take place in September 2020.

Pupil Premium Allocation

Pupil premium expenditure 2020-21
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Pupil Premium Expenditure and Impact 2019-20
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Pupil Premium Expenditure 2019-2020
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Pupil Premium Expenditure and Impact 2018-2019
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Pupil Premium Expenditure 2018-2019
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Responsibility for Reporting

The responsibility for the report will be allocated to the Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Leader. Staff will be asked to report on the interventions in place for key pupils at Pupil Progress Meetings, Provision Meetings and regular evaluations of interventions which determine impact.


If you would like to check your eligibility for Pupil Premium please look through the Parent Pamphlet below:

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