More Able

Who are the More Able pupils?

At Pinner Wood we recognise that we have children who are higher achievers. These children are generally those working at, or with the potential to be a secure + learner. This means that they will have met the expectations at the highest level by the end of the academic Year.

Characteristics of More Able pupils:

  • show a depth of understanding in a particular subject;
  • make connections between past and present learning;
  • demonstrate intellectual curiosity;
  • actively and articulately engage in debate and discussion and produce original and creative responses to challenges.

How does Pinner Wood support the More Able children in the classroom: challenge and support

  • Challenging learning opportunities, e.g. problem solving, decision-making, delivering presentations, independent research.There will be planned extension activities for these identified children
  • Effective questioning which prompts new thinking, probes levels of understanding and promotes discussion and debate
  • Clear success criteria: students know what they need to do to succeed
  • Opportunities to reflect on their learning – e.g. the use of peer and self- assessment so that students can look at where they are and where they would like to be challenging themselves
  • A classroom culture of high expectations and aspirations, in which it’s ‘cool to be clever’ and where all sorts of talents and abilities are valued
  • More Able pupils are visited by the More Able Leader in the classroom and asked about their learning and what they feel would help them to succeed
  • Progress tracking: The children are tracked by the More Able leader and the Key Stage Leaders to ensure their progress is sustained
  • Responsibility: More Able pupils are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills and to occupy positions of responsibility e.g, Prefects, Junior Prefects, School Council, Peer mentors and playground leaders. Other monitor roles are also available in school
More able policy
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