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Pinner Wood Curriculum- INTENT

 ‘Learning as we Grow, Growing as we Learn.’
At Pinner Wood we believe that a child’s primary education is key to setting the foundations for lifelong learning, so it is vital that we get it right for all of our pupils.

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We want children to have success in all traditional subjects whilst developing essential, transferable life skills in order to prepare them for later schooling and adulthood in a fast-paced and constantly evolving world. Life skills include: critical thinking, team work and communication, building self-esteem and independence and developing leadership skills. We believe that all learning must be purposeful, positive and meaningful, so that children will feel engaged and motivated when accessing and succeeding in a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our philosophy supports the ‘heads, hearts and hands’ model of learning. We want our learners to be fully immersed in whole body learning:

Head – Academic skills
Heart – Well-being, self-esteem and enrichment opportunities
Hands – A creative / problem solving approach

1. Head – Core Skills

At Pinner Wood we invest a great deal of time and resources into an academic education. This includes ensuring children are proficient in Maths and English. We believe children need skills in these core subjects to fully access the wider curriculum areas. Wherever relevant, we make links between Maths and English and other curriculum areas. As a school, we model and instil a passion for reading for all of our learners. Our morning lessons focus on English and Maths and these are taught through a range of methods including:


This year we have started on a whole school ‘oracy’ project. This means speaking and listening skills run throughout the whole curriculum. We develop children’s language through  providing many opportunities to talk and develop high-level vocabulary. Our lessons encourage talking. Children engage in purposeful discussion about their learning in order to develop their higher order vocabulary and become articulate communicators.

Academic success is important and we want all of our pupils to achieve well and make excellent progress during their time at Pinner Wood. We know our learners well and take time to plan what their next steps will be so that they can succeed. We involve children in decisions about their learning to encourage independence and engagement in all subject disciplines. At a lesson level, children are guided towards the level of challenge they feel they can access.


2. Heart – Wellbeing

At Pinner Wood we believe that we have a duty to help pupils develop their characters. This includes confidence, independence and organisational skills as we prepare them to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Our vision is to prepare our children to be responsible and morally aware global citizens who are able to succeed and build a fulfilling life for themselves and their families. Our PSHE curriculum underpins everything we do at Pinner Wood. Pupils are encouraged and trusted to take responsibility for their actions and behave well. We support children to develop emotional literacy. We foster a strong sense of belonging and our code of behaviour is based around the ‘Pinner Wood Way’, which encourages and teaches pupils to be good Pinner Wood citizens. These life lessons permeate everything that we do. PSHE lessons are explicitly taught each week through:

3. Hands – Subjects through Project-Based Learning

We cover all subjects as outlined in the National Curriculum document. In order to successfully teach all essential knowledge content alongside the life skills needed in the 21st Century, we have developed a project-based curriculum. Where relevant and purposeful, we create links between subject areas. Where a knowledge or skillset cannot be linked in a meaningful way, we teach it explicitly. In subjects such as History and Geography, children are often asked if there is anything else they want to learn. Children are able to access iPads within lessons to research misconceptions or points of interest further.

Project Based Learning

Each half term, a new topic is introduced with a ‘Stunning Start’ to hook learners’ interest. This is underpinned by a ‘Key Question’ which is revisited as the topic evolves, further encouraging pupils to become inquisitive learners. Each topic ends with a ‘Show Stopper’ project which brings together the knowledge and skills covered. These purposeful project pieces are designed to cover a range of disciplines over the school year and are always presented as a ‘Shared Outcome’ to an authentic audience. We block topics and subjects according to how they best link together each half term.

Projects are rigorously designed and planned to cover many aspects of the National Curriculum whilst at the same time providing a rich, real life learning experience. Plans are continually modified by teachers to ensure they are relevant and accessible to all learners and offer a breadth of knowledge in all subjects. This way of learning allows our students to develop their own self-confidence, resourcefulness and creativity, as well as develop skills that prepare them for a world outside of school.

For specific examples please see the ‘curriculum maps’ section of our website.

Enrichment Opportunities

Throughout the school year, pupils are also offered many experiences both on and off school site which enhance their ‘Cultural Capital’. These experiences range from inviting subject experts in to present to children, to travelling into London to access museum and art exhibitions.

Extra-curricular opportunities across all subjects are activity encouraged at Pinner Wood. We run our own shows and competitions in school as well as joining Borough and London-wide events. Peripatetic music lessons are offered to children. Year 4 access swimming lessons. There are many opportunities to take part in extra-curricular clubs or activities which are run by both school staff and outside agencies.

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