Pupil Premium Funding

Funding Breakdown

At Pinner Wood the current funding for the financial year (2016 – 17) is = 
 £192,720 based on 140 pupils eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. 


Number of Pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Received  
Total Number of Pupils on roll 611
Total Number of Pupils eligible for PPG inc LAC 135
Total Number of Nursery children eligible for PPG (new criteria April 2015) 5
Amopunt of PPG received per child £1,320
Total Allocation £192,720



To provide:  

• High quality teaching and learning to enable disadvantaged children to 'close the gap' compared to their peeers.
• Wider enrichment experiences.
• Individual learning opportunities where appropriate.


Nature of Support 2016-17

At Pinner Wood School, there is a tailored package of interwoven support which emerges from our ‘core practices’ which is used to close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers as well as providing wider enrichment experiences. Nature and frequency of support is determined by pupils’ identified needs, following termly Pupil Progress and Provision meetings with class teachers and tracking systems led and monitored by the Deputy and Assistant Head Teachers. 

Areas of identified spending will include bought in professional services which focus on pastoral support and focused teacher support. This approach is supported by the research paper, ‘Supporting the attainment of disadvantaged pupil: articulating success and good practice’ produced by the National Foundation for Educational Research which identifies several building blocks to success in regards to PP spend. The report states:

‘More successful schools tended to have more extensive social and emotional support strategies in place, including developing close links with mental health services, creating a ‘social care’ hub within the school, providing counselling services and parent liaison staff, alongside teaching and learning interventions.’


Headteacher – Mrs D Spruce
Latimer Gardens, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 3RA
Telephone No: 0208 868 2468
Fax No: 0208 429 1629

E-mail: office@pinnerwood.harrow.sch.uk