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Digit cards can be used to generate a wide range of number activities, and are particularly useful with teaching number and the number system as well as strengthening calculations using mental strategies.

For example, when practising different strategies for doubling numbers, the children have a pile of no cards in front of them and turn them over, and double that card. 

You can differentiate this activity by the numbers on the cards depending on the ability of your child.

 Below are some other useful activities that you can do with your child at home.

Number sequence – ask children to find the missing number from a number sequence, what would the next number be? The previous? The tenth? (Good for paired work).

• Place value work – depending on the number of cards used you can discuss the smallest number that can be made, the largest number nearest to 50, 100 etc.

• Two piles of cards – ask your child to pick a number from each pile. Then you can ask them to add, subtract or multiply them together.

• One pile of cards and two dice – add all three numbers, multiply them all, make different numbers using the digits on the dice and add/subtract/multiply those with the card.

• Place value work – pupils make 2, 3, 4-digit numbers with the cards and then write them in words/read them to a partner


pdf_iconLearning time tables at home 

Please find below a very useful link about Mathematics and reasoning.



Here are some links where you can download digit cards:



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