Sports Clubs


School run Sports Clubs 

Autumn and Spring Term  

Information reagarding these clubs and the days that they are run will be sent out to parents at the beginning of each term. 

Football club: boys team and a girls team (year 5 and 6) Tuesday afternoon

Netball club: Mixed team (year 5 and 6) Thursday afternoon

Gymnastics club (year 5 and 6) Tuesday afternoon

This runs throughout the year in preperation for the numerous gymnastic events. This is only a small club and is by invitation only.



Sports Clubs run by outside providers 

Monday- Gymnastics, Zumba (after school) 

Tuesday - Karate (after school)   

Wednesday -A & J Soccer (after school)

Thursday - Tennis (after school) 

Clubs run by outside providers should be booked directly with them - Their numbers are available from the school office. 


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