More Able Children 2016-2017

At Pinner Wood we recognise that we have children who are higher achievers, or More Able learners. These children are put on Year group provision lists and their progress is tracked through the school. The children who are the highest achievers in the school academically are those who attain a secure plus in their end of year assessments. There are children who have attained secure in their learning who are targeted by their teachers to become secure plus children. These pupils are More Able pupils who reach a higher standard in their learning than children in the rest of their cohort.


Who are the More Able children?

These pupils are higher ability pupils who reach a higher standard in their learning than children in the rest of their cohort.

To stretch the More Able children, we are differentiating in all lessons to ensure that each child’s needs are met

Teachers plan for:

Reasoning. Discussion. Questioning. Plenaries (discussing what we have learnt)

Exciting outcomes which show the bigger picture

Share the success criteria. Clearly show what the expectations for success are.

Differentiated leaning outcomes

How does Pinner Wood support More Able Children

More Able children,

More Able children At Pinner Wood, are given differentiated work with in their group or class. Generally, in year groups with three classes, the children are taught in one more able set. In a year groups with two classes, they are taught in mixed ability groups. Work within the groups and classes is differentiated to meet the needs of all the learners. Children are discussed in year group planning sessions, and in More Able pupil progress meetings.



Children read in More Able Guided Reading groups and their Home reading books reflect their higher ability reading. During writing activities, the more able children are given an extra challenge in their writing “toolkit”.

There are challenges and extension activities for the More Able children in every lesson. Sometimes the level task will be different or there may be extra challenges to be met.


The children are taught in More Able or mixed ability groups in Mathematics. Every Friday, through the school from Years 1-6, the children are presented with a Maths investigation where the answer is open-ended. This allows for discussion and problem–solving which is challenging, and there may be more than one solution. Children work at their own level to improve their speed with times tables and complete their individual Maths Passport Targets.

2016-2017 : Enrichment activities for More Able Children.

We have established links with Northwood School and More Able children have been invited to visit for Masterclasses.

Autumn Term

Last term Year 5 went for two after school Maths Master Classes taught by subject specialists at Northwood School

Spring Term

Year 6 More Able children went to a Science Master Class at Northwood School

Year 4 More Able children went to a Science Master Class to learn how to make Bath bombs!

Year 3 and 4 children have been to a visit to Wealdstone Library to meet poet Neal Zetter, and learn about poetry writing.

Summer Term

We are planning to go to Northwood School for an English Master Class

We have our exhibition of More Able work in the Lower School Hall. On the Meet the new teacher evening, in July, excellent work is displayed.


Where the teachers identify a specific need, or have capacity to offer additional learning opportunities, we have a range of groups and clubs designed specifically for the More Able children.

There are groups dedicated to extending the More Able Children.

This year we have an English Reading and Writing group for Year 3 children.

There is a lunchtime writing and self-editing club for Year 4 children

There is an English after school SATS booster group for Year 6 children

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